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Herefordshire Housing

We have a long term contract arrangement with HHL to undertake 5800 surveys
 MS (Type 2) and RDS (Type 3) in mainly domestic
properties but including some 
shops, garages, community centres
and care homes etc. Excellent Clients.


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Wye Valley Group

We have a good working relationship with the Wye Valley Group who
engaged in many exciting and innovative projects, especially in the
and recycling industry.

Click for Wye Valley Group Website

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Falkland Islands Governments

We have helped train a team of surveyors in the FI and have carried out many surveys 
and much training over several years. We are always excited
when we get an enquiry 
from FIG as it is a fantastic place to visit and 
lets us work with some great people!


Click for Falkland Islands Government's Website

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Herefordshire Council

Clients for many years requesting drainage surveys, highway
work and of course asbestos surveying.

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Interserve in Ascension and Falkland Islands
We have received commissions from Interserve to work at the
Wideawake Airfield and associated camps in the Ascension Islands.
Also at the Mount Pleasant Airport (MPA) in the Falklands.

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To view some of our Surveys Click Here


Sutton Hereford

Telephone: (01432) 343344