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Asbestos Advice, Survey, Training and much more!!

We undertake both Management Surveys (MS) and Refurbishment and Demolition Surveys (RDS) in accordance with the Asbestos Survey Guide (ASG)


We also carry out Asbestos Awareness Training as described in in the Control of Asbestos Regulations (CAR2012) to comply with Regulation 10 (Information, Instruction and Training). This form of certificated training can be tailored to suit Operatives and Supervisors right up through the management structure to Asset and Duty Holders. We are very much involved with Herefordshire Housing (HHL) where we are employed as Asbestos Consultants to undertake survey work on over 6000 properties and many ancillary structures. Whilst we have always found work locally and prioritise with our local client base, we are not averse to travel and have walked thousands of kilometres of railway line for Network Rail from Carlise to Penzance, and enjoyed several working trips to the Falkland Islands whose Government also retain us as asbestos consultants.
To find out more about Sutton Surveys and what we do, view some of the linked pages below. Or just call and get some good quality advice about your building or asbestos!

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About Us

Sutton Surveys is a small Asbestos Consultancy with
a lot of survey experience. We operate mostly in and around the Marches and West Midlands, but will travel for interesting work.


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Project List

We have worked on a vast number of projects with a range of clients including Housing Associations, Local Authorities, Demolition Contractors, Estate Agents, Industrialists, Highways Authorities, Civil Engineering Contractors, MOD, Duty Holders and many domestic property owners.

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Service List

What we can do for you? Sutton Surveys offer a large list of services including impartial advice for Duty Holders and Tradesmen, different types of asbestos survey, quality training, asbestos management plans etc. We pride ourselves on offering an excellent service in all areas relating to asbestos.

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Our Surveys

Our surveyors have inspected a huge number of buildings and, as a consequence, have developed a sound knowledge of where asbetsos has been used.   From the largest of factories to the stateliest of homes, and from schools,shops, offices to pubs, hotels and houses, above and below ground. Take a look at our past Surveys and see what we have been up to.

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Contact Us

Contact us today for free advice, experience our enthusiasm as we strive to provide you with support and reasurrance. You can always call in to the offices (Just off the A49 at Holmer) where we will be more than willing to discuss what we know best with you.

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Asbestos Locations

Asbestos can be found in a wide range of structures, particularly those constructed or refurbished from 1950 to 1985. Older homes, commercial buildings and schools are likely to contain asbestos products and their deadly fibres - but where? To find out more about some of our Asbestos Locations please - clink the link below.